Thursday, 14 June 2012

Catch Up

Hi all sorry I haven't been around for a while so much seams to have been going on!!!  My eldest daughter anounced that she is expecting her first baby in October, due to this we have helped her move into a bigger house.  My youngest daughter announced that she expects her second baby in November!!!  So it's going to be all go at the end of the year!!  Due to my ever expanding brood of granchildren I decided to move my craft room into the smaller office space down the stairs to make more bedroom space for when they all come to stay :) took me well over a week to perform that task!!!
I hope to get back into some crafting now that is all sorted, there seams so much to fit in.

Will catch up with all your blogs A.S.A.P

happy crafting

lainey x


  1. Hi Lainey, Many congratulations what lovely news:0) Great to see you back, xxx

  2. Great to know that you're ok and congratulations on your wonderful news! I was wondering where you were - missed seeing your lovely work!

  3. Hello Lainey
    How wonderful that two little miracles come into your life this year, they will bring you so much joy. I hope all goes well for your two girls. And I look forward to your next creation now that you are more organised in a room, albeit a smaller one.

  4. What wonderful news Lainey - you must be over the moon. Lots of joy and lots of hard work on the horizon, but Grandchildren are so special aren't they.
    Wishing you and your Daughters all the best in October/November -Hugs, Sylvia xx

  5. Oh my goodness, hun, you've been busy! Wonderful news about new bundles of joy and I hope you will be able to do some crafting soon! xx

  6. Congrats Granny!!!! You are one busy gal....or maybe they really!