Friday, 24 August 2012

Babies Vest Card

I thought I should make a start with making some cards for my 2 new granchildren due in just a matter of weeks now, so thought I would see what templates were available at CardMaking Paradise Sara has made this fun little vest template and this is what I made:

I love the way you can use this template as a stand alone card ( C6 size)  or make it smaller and use it on the washing line!!  I made use of the wooden sticks you get in tesco cafe for the posts!!!


  1. What a lovely idea Lainey! Love the washing line full of baby clothes - so sweet! Great to see you crafting again my friend! xx

  2. Totally gorgeous Lainey. I love them both but my real favourite is the second one with all the little vests lined up AND in gorgeous girlie colours too. . . . . . !!!!!

  3. Just a fantastic idea, great card.

  4. Love, love love these cards. So super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sus x :-D